April 1, 2023
Agnicart Product review and ratings

Enable Reviews in Agnicart powered eCommerce platform

One can enable reviews and rating on Agnicart powered eCommerce website by following the below steps.

Enable Reviews:

  1. Go to the dashboard by logging in to www.agnicart.com and clicking on Manage on your store.
  2. Go to Settings -> Product Reviews
  3. Check the Enable Reviews and Enable Ratings options.
    • Enable Reviews & Ratings Agnicart
  4. The Auto publishes Review option if checked will publish the review automatically once the user submits the review. The review can be seen by others after that.
  5. If Auto Publish is set to false, the store owner needs to manually publish the review from the Catalog->Reviews section of the dashboard.
  6. Allow Reviews by option:
    • Anyone -> Any user whether registered or unregistered can review
    • Registered Users -> Only registered users can review
    • Verified Owners -> Only users who have purchased the product can review. Please note that the user will not be reviewed until the order status is marked as “Completed“.

Manage Reviews:

  1. Go to Catalog -> Reviews section of the dashboard
  2. You can see the list of reviews and options to publish or manage the reviews.

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